In a Landscape presents classical music in the Oregon wild. Forests, fields and riverbank vistas replace practice rooms, churches, and concert halls. Instruments and singers are fitted with microphones that transmit music instantly to wireless headphones assigned to guests at check-in. The headphones give the audience freedom to leave their seats and wander, lie on the grass, roam through the woods, write, paint, or picnic. The live music becomes a soundtrack to their outdoor experience.

Our mission is to cultivate a relationship between the Oregon wilderness and its residents and visitors.

2016 was a huge success so we are planning sites across Oregon for SUMMER 2017. If you want to host, recommend a location, or be part of the project, click button below.


 Oregon Public Broadcasting’s State of Wonder

AllClassical 89.9FM’s Club MOD and Northwest Previews

Article by Fiona McCann Portland Monthly

Article by Brett Campbell Oregon Arts Watch

Columbia River Gorge Parks

Article by by Leslie Pugmire Hole Portland Tribune



“As a first time classical viewer, this was the most beautiful first experience.”

“Music isn’t made to be watched.  Music is made to be lost in.  Thank you for that permission.” 

“So much better and more ‘right’ somehow than a concert hall.”

“Can’t believe it’s a free concert!”

“Thank you so much for coming to our area where so little happens.  What a great change!  Love people with dogs, saw a woman knitting, people enjoying the water — all added to the ‘free’ feeling, the joy of the experience.”

“The combination of your music and the fresh air, sunlight, crickets chirping helped me to let go and just enjoy the life I am so lucky to have.  Thank you for this gift that I did not expect to receive.”